Twisted Vintage Restoration now carries Future Chrome!

Twisted Vintage Restoration now carries Future Chrome!

The world’s first and only instant cure chrome system and their newest addition to the Futurechrome Line of Products: ChromeUV™; a start to finish instant cure UV hydro-chrome system enabling skilled applicators the ability to perform on site chrome repair and chrome restoration in a mobile or on site environment.

How does FutureChrome work?

Twisted-Vintage-Restoration-mechanical-auto-work-MTjpgFutureChrome is essentially a layer of pure silver plating without the use of an electrostatic charge. Using the latest advancement in chemical silvering technology, we are able to use a chemical reaction to create an instant bond between the pure silver and a smooth substrate

Is FutureChrome as durable as real chrome?

Even more so! FutureChrome is very durable and flexible but even more versatile! Now you have the ability to chrome virtually any surface! Aluminum, steel, tin, brass, copper, iron, other metals, plastic, fiberglass, vinyl, PVC, wood, MDF, ceramic, porcelain, glass, and even concrete! Believe it or not, you can chrome just about any type of surface with FutureChrome. The possibilities are literally unlimited! The automotive industry has exploded with all the unique applications but FutureChrome’s capabilities are not limited to the auto world.

Can I get colored chrome?

reflection-chrome-bumper-6625041-oYes! Creating a beautiful & brilliant colored chrome finish is extremely easy to do. Simply add a few drops of our custom translucent die directly into the clear topcoat.